Thursday, November 12, 2009

This one's for you

We get lots of really great light in our apartment at all different times of day.  This was at about 4:35 pm today.  The afternoon sun perfectly illuminates solitary objects in the apartment depending on the window it shines in.  Today, an empty case of Coors.  Isn't it lovely.  Stephen has been drinking just regular Coors lately.  This picture reminds of one my good friend, Keith, would take for some reason.  Maybe it's the light, or the composition...I'm not sure.  But Keith, this one's for you.  

Stephen... the Black River.

...on a log.

...deep in thought.

Monday, November 2, 2009


I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!  Stephen and I had a really fun night with all of our Port Huron friends.  We participated in something called a Witch Hunt where our friend and upstairs neighbor, Matt, had to dress up like a witch and run around town to different bars while the rest of us, in teams of three and four, had to try and find him.  There were a lot of other rules involved which basically involved drinking beers and drinking more beers.  It was great!

Everyone dressed up, which was one of the rules, but it also made it really fun!  Here are mine and Stephen's costumes.  Stephen was blood spatter specialist/serial killer extraordinar Dexter Morgan, from the Shotime series Dexter.  I was a beehive, an idea I got from Martha Stewart, duh.  I set up a photo booth in my apartment and took pics of everyone who participated.  You can see them here!