Monday, September 29, 2008

The Daily Grind

Whenever I was a shooting an assignment with a fellow reporter I would frequently snap a few pictures of him or her, you know, just in case they became famous one day.  My friend Keith, who works with Stephen, took this photo of him at the city council meeting they had to cover tonight.  

Miss Maisy



...loves to rock the Converse version of a disco ball.


This past weekend we had a great time in Farwell.  We had a great fire, took a walk in the woods, went to a football game and had a fun time enjoying each others company.  Here are a few pics.

Alden playing on the trampoline.

Spencer making a catch.

He takes after his mom!  

Fire Up Chips!

One part of our trip to Farwell/Mt. Pleasant included the second half of a CMU football game.  We only went for the second half because then you don't have to pay!  We are so smart!  Anyway, it was really fun and strange to be back on campus.

Lucas enjoys his cotton candy.
Alden was cracking us up with this funny little dance he kept doing.  Notice Stephen and Dan's amusement in the background.

Chips win!!!

Here we all are walking back to the cars.  A fun time was had by all.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dropping In

We were eating dinner when we heard this guy buzzing around our neighborhood.
He landed in a nearby field.

Every morning, the light from the rising sun comes through our kitchen window and hits our bedroom wall. 

Linsey took this from bed.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Above is a real Haiku. (You might not want to attempt that, it looks real difficult.)

Below are the first two entries in the 2008 Haiku Project. You should use these as inspiration as you write your poems.

rain and mountains high
looking at the view i smile
I want to go home

These kids drive me nuts
Sometimes I just want to scream
I need a drink now!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Check It Out

Thanks to Adam I was able to get my photo website up and running under my own domain name:

There is still some work to be done, but this is a good start!

Now hear this...

PORT HURON -- The editors of the Fruit Street Free Press announced today the start of its annual haiku contest, a writing competition that attracted more than 30 poems from throughout the country in its inaugural year.

"We had so much fun with it last year that we couldn't help but attempt to recreate the magic this year," Linsey, an editor at the blog, said.

Stephen, the other editor added: "Haikus are fun, easy and relaxing. Why wouldn't you participate?"

Dan, a 30-something project manager from Mount Pleasant, won the contest last year with this untitled poem:

Charcoal glowing white
Cocktails going down with ease
Living the good life

Haikus, in their most basic form, consist of three lines of writing. The first and third lines each consist of five syllables. The second, or middle line, consists of seven syllables. The poems should not rhyme. 

The editors will begin accepting poems immediately. The deadline for the competition is Oct. 20. There are no limits to the number of haikus a person can submit. Anyone who stumbles across this blog is qualified to compete.

Like last year, independent judges will decide the winner. The authors of the poems will not be disclosed to the judges during judging. 

Inexpensive, but potentially fun, prizes will go to the top three entries. 

Send all haikus to

A rather boring set of pictures...

I found a small log on the rocks, so I threw it in the river and watched it float. A little while later, it got caught up in the rocks again. 

These are flags on top of a building near our apartment. When it is windy, which it almost always is near the river, they flap loudly.

Just Stephen walking.

A sea gull flying over Canada.

Saturday Golf

Linsey's golf game, which is mostly undeveloped, improved significantly during nine holes of golf Saturday.

This shot, on the first hole, landed on the green -- I think.

Searching unsuccessfully for a wayward drive.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Olive Oil, right, stands with a zested lemon, middle, and a pile of chopped garlic and lemon zest, left. 

Linsey cooks as Basil stands wilted in the foreground.

Linsey reaches for a knife with cooking preparations ready for heat.

Green beans, mashed potatoes and salmon covered in a dill, caper, garlic, butter sauce.
The beans, dill and potatoes were purchased that morning from a farmers' market, which is cool to think about. Sometimes, when we purchase things there, the farmers tell us that they've just picked it the night before.

It was delicious by the way.

Moons over Canada

This is our view of Sarnia, Ontario. Those are apartment buildings that sit on the other side of the St. Clair River. We think it would be fun to get a telescope to look at Canada. But we think it may be against the law -- especially international law. 

Monday, September 15, 2008


Happy Birthday Spencer... We hope you have  a wonderful day. 
We love ya.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Even rain can't stop us

One with Alden in focus.

Alden braving the rain, which fell steadily throughout the day.

Alden and Hank working outside in the rain.

Cassie and her Aunt Linsey.

Fun in Farwell

Even after a hard day of work, dad's Central shirt still smelled cleanly and fresh.

Alden and grandma sharing a moment.

Cassie intrigued by the camera.

Christina and Chris laughing... 

The fruit of Hank's labor. Prepping for winter.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Quoting my brother...

Part of Jason's new job is getting quoted by the press regarding political finance issues. He shows up in publications throughout Massachusetts.

Here is an example:

Somerville - A well-known Somerville personality apparently contributed $100 to the Bob Trane campaign on July 16, more than three months after her death.

State political officials said that’s a problem.

“Our rules are pretty clear. Dead people cannot contribute to campaigns,” said Jason Tait from the Office of Campaign and Political Finance in Boston.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Keith shuffling cards for euchre. 

Linsey laughing at some hysterical, witty, and impossibly intricate joke told by Stephen.

The girls and Lake Huron... or Lake Here-in, as locals pronounce it.

The Music Cafe

Linsey, entertained.

Stephen laughing.

Stephen leaving the bar.

Stephen's shadow, left, walking with Linsey's, center, and Kristen's shadows.

Weekend Pics

Kristen's bullseye.

At a park... 

Shredding chicken for tacos.