Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Here's to it almost being the weekend and to a life that -- for the most part -- is pretty darn wonderful and a pleasure to experience.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mmmm... fall

I'd be happy if this tree were in my front yard.
These are my three favorite photographs from our back-road trip from Frankenmuth to Port Huron. -- ST

Like most everyone, I enjoy the look of big, red, traditional barns. This one is no exception.
I would've liked to explore this barn and, ideally, climb large stacks of bailed hay to the rafters.

The Road Less Traveled

When we tried to get back on 75 after the shower, there was a huge traffic jam, so we decided to take advantage of the beautiful night and took all back roads home.  We only turned south and east and most of the roads we were on were dirt.  Michigan is beautiful!  

Carrie's Shower

This weekend was my cousin Carrie's bridal shower.  Carrie is the second youngest of the grandchildren.  She will be getting married to Jim on Dec. 13.  They are great people and I'm so happy for them (even if they are Michigan State Fans).  

We played a game where everyone had a piece of advice from a 1950's woman's magazine on how to be a good wife.  So when your gift was opened you had to read the old advice, and then read your own advice for a happy marraige.  We were cracking up at the old advice.  One example was "Be sure to listen to everything your husband has to say when he arrives home from work.  He has had a long, hard day and remember that his thoughts and ideas are more important than yours."  We were cracking up!!!  

In this picture Carrie is opening my grandma's flatware.  It's the same flatware that we have used at every single family gathering since I've been alive.  It will be fun for Carrie to think of all of the wonderful memories our family has every time she uses it!  

Carrie, just like Shelby, could be nick named giggles!  Her and Shelby have the exact same laugh.

This is Patty and my grandma.  Patty found an I.D. that used to belong to my grandpa and she is showing it to my grandma.  On one side of the bracelet is my grandpa's name, Claude, and his army I.D. number, and then on the underside of the bracelet is my grandma's name, Marion. 

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Just a reminder...

For those of you in climate-appropriate locations, this awaits us just around the corner.

To Port Sanilac and Back...

We took advantage of a beautiful Sunday and drove north on Highway 25 along Lake Huron. Our destination was Port Sanilac, about 30 miles north of Port Huron. We made it. And made it back.

While there, we stopped in a little hole-in-the-wall greasy spoon for lunch. Linsey had the chicken strips basket. I had a grilled cheese and a cup of chili. It was delicious.

This is where we were. Someday -- probably next summer -- we plan to download several hours worth of "Wait, Wait don't Tell me..." "Car Talk" and "You Look Nice Today" pod casts and make the trip around the entirety of the Thumb. 

Anyone who wants to join us is more than welcome. 
Just make sure to bring your bathing suit -- and perhaps a blanket for a picnic.

This is the diner. I'm not sure it had a name. 

Friday, October 3, 2008

Keep 'em comin'

The Haiku poems keep coming in.... Now keep them coming.

Some examples:

Oh beautiful world
Thank you God for all you give
Oh how blessed I am

Pabst upon my tongue
As if it was heaven sent
Two sheets to the wind