Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas tree erecting

Arranging ornaments.
Assembling tree.

We spent Thursday night putting up our Christmas tree.
During the process I had a strange urging to resort to my childhood and go cut down a tree.
Next year we'll likely go natural, the way it was meant to be.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Some More Poetry...

White House, Oh White House
No cigars for Hilary
Interns, Billy Boy
-- Hank

Stephen and Linsey
You are a creative pair
Wish you were here
-- Chad L.

Some more Haiku

Sitting on my porch
Watching the sun through the trees
My blessings abound

Pontoon Boat on Lake
Warm breeze on my face and neck
cold beer in ice chest
-- Liz B.

The eagle soars high
The mouse nibbles aimlessly
The eagle devours
-- Dan T.

And John N. broke the rules and posted some haikus under the comments section. Check them out.... and his family's new blog -- which is linked on the right of this page.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Some more entries ...

Next round of entries 
The deadline, remember 
Is Nov. 30, write

Jason, Cassandra
Daniel, Stephen, Christina
are still in my heart

Clocks tick, tock and tick
My eyes grow thick much like lead
When to go to bed?

Food makes me happy
Chicken, chips and waffles, too
My clothes don't fit now
-- Mary T.

Housewife, lost my mind
cannot remember jack shite
What is my number?

Chex mix galore, yum
Until you feel like puking
Exlax becomes friend
-- Cassandra 

Bloodshot eyes mean tears
Unless you know this guy's past
Need one more cocktail?

The apple is sweet
like biblical temptation
Take it away now
-- Stephen

Sometimes, not always
A very tightly tied noose
decapitates him
-- Hank 

Mail red need heart met
Years third winter combine one
Made perfect complete
-- Kara 

Charcoal glowing white
Cocktails going down with ease
Living the good life
-- Daniel 

The first Haiku entries...

Several people have answered the call. Here are the entries so far ...

Party, party on
Christmas, New Year, what a bash
Now comes the bill, gasp!
-- Hank

Mash the potatoes
Get the turkey ready, too
Thanksgiving is here

His name is Killer
We will eat him for breakfast
Better catch him first
-- Linsey 

Turkey stuffing yum
Family laugh dine comfort
Thanksgiving to God

Apron spoon bake smile
Child finger frosting sparkle eye
Joy give mother son
-- Kara 

Attempting to win
A Fruit Street Haiku contest
Is proving diffi...
-- Chris G.

A small oak tree grows
Over time the tree grows large
My father destroys

Three fingers of scotch
A plate of thinly sliced cheese
The Anchorman rules

Large pepperoni
Six pack of light beer to drink
Diapers to change
-- Daniel 

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Introducing ... The Haiku Project

The Fruit Street Free Press is hosting its first Haiku contest. The rules are simple: send your Haiku to Stephen

A Haiku: consists of three lines; first line, five syllables; second line, seven syllables; third line, five syllables. 

It cannot rhyme, although some famous guy once said "writing poetry without rhyming is like playing tennis without a net."

Entries: unlimited. 

Winner: a secret prize; will be delivered before Dec. 25.

Deadline: all entries must be sent before Nov. 30

Judging: poems will be posted throughout the contest; comments can be influential in final 
judgement. Final judgement is determined by Fruit Street Free Press officials.

Examples of a Haiku: 

Steps swoosh fallen leaves
Flip-flops must be put away
Winter closing in

Cartoons never die
They live always with smiles
Someone draw me please

A look back ... Catching A Pig

A pig named Killer. Seriously.
The start... Adam, left, Daniel, center and Stephen.
The chase... 
The capture... 

The brotherly pride. 

A Morning Jog

Just starting out... listening to some Pearl Jam...
Heading down Lime Street...
Along the Merrimack River: a lone boat moored on the naked waterway...
Through the boat yard ... 

Passed the Bartlett Mall .... Almost home.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Just a random update

Stephen and his twin, Sam.
Ol' one-eye.
Housewife Linsey -- pink dish-washing gloves and everything.
The fruit of her afternoon labor.
Stephen and the new computer. We love it.
More cooking for Linsey.

A photograph taken by our computer.

Monday, November 5, 2007

More From Monday Night

Fine art withSRT's face.

An elk that LST is pretending she "caught."

LST gazing into an artistic window.

We found this baby bottle on a city street, SRT was thirsty and LST captured the moment.

A Night Walk

A left over Halloween mask found on Fair Street.

A hand sculpture in the city's sculpture park along the Merrimack River.

Another sculpture, this one looks like a small breakfast nook without walls.

A red sculpture.

A strange sculpture.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Nov. 1

In Maisy's honor, the following is a list of happenings in history from Nov. 1:

Lyle Lovett, singer-songwriter
Larry Flynt, smut pedaler
Kinky Friedman, writer, musician, Texas gubernatorial candidate
Anthony Kiedis, lead singer of red Hot Chili Peppers
Jenny McCarthy, Playboy playmate, model, former host of MTV's Singled Out
Gary Player, PGA golfer from South Africa
Fernando Valenzuela, MLB pitcher
Chad Livengood, journalist, CMU graduate

Historic events:
79 -- Pompei burned by Mt. Vesuvius
1800 -- John Adams becomes first president to live in White House
1867 -- Harper's Bazaar publishes
1889 -- North and South Dakota enter union as 39th and 40th states
1896 -- First bare women breasts (of a Zulu woman) appear in National Geographic Magazine
1928 -- First celebration of Author's Day
1947 -- Howard Hughes flies "Spruce Goose," a large wooden airplane
1957 -- Mackinac Bridge opens
1983 -- President Reagan establishes Martin Luther King Day

Thursday, November 1, 2007


UNION, KENT. -- Cassandra, a 32-year-old mother, gave birth to her fourth child Thursday afternoon, sources from within the hospital report.

It is the families first girl.

Maisy, several hours old, weighs 8 pounds 2 ounces. She has very little hair, but her grandmother Mary described her as "perfect" in a text message to family.

Maisy's father, Adam, first provided news to the Fruit Street Free Press in a picture message that the new child was actually a boy, which prompted a "no damn way" from this author.

The false news would have come as quite a surprise since the family already has three young boys and there was majoring yearning for a baby female among the adult females -- on both the Families sides.

Reached by phone, Maisy refused to answer questions about her sex and whether she was happy about the situation she was born into, only saying "waaaa, waaaaa" and flailing her arms as if she did not have control of her limbs.

When pressed by a reporter about how she was feeling, a woman in scrubs -- possible Maisy's agent or personal assistant -- picked her up and took her to an unidentified room.

"I think she'll like us," Spencer, 7, an older brother, said. "I mean, we have fresh candy from Halloween, video games, lots of toys and a backyard. I just hope we have enough food. Mom? .... hey mom... moooom. Do you we have enough food to feed Maisy? Mom?"

The family now have children born in each of the months from September to December. Lucas, another older brother who was born in December, pondered that for a moment.

"She's going to have a lot of birthdays with costumes, right?" Lucas said. "I bet she'll just have to use the same one she uses for Halloween."