Friday, March 20, 2009

My Very Own Studio!

I'm so excited!

I've always wanted to have a studio in my own house, and this apartment is perfect for it.  Now that the construction is done I thought I should get serious about doing some photo stuff.  I'll get to test it out tomorrow when my cousin, Julie, comes to PH so I can take some pics of her two boys, John-John and James.

Virginia: Part III

On Saturday, Shelby, Stephen and I went to Richmond to see one of my best friends, Liz, and her husband, Josh.  Liz and Josh moved to Richmond in August from NYC so Josh could attend grad school at Virginia Commonwealth University.  On a weird side note, Liz and Josh, both graduated from Central and now Michael Rao, former CMU president, just took a job as president of VCU.  

Classic Shelby in Richmond.

Liz and Josh at a delicious pizza place.  I love hanging out with Liz and Josh!  They are so much fun and I miss them a bunch!  Another weird side note,  our waitress at the pizza place also spelled her name like mine.  Linsey with no D.  When I told her my name was spelled the same way she said, "I knew you were out there somehwere!"  I'm the only Linsey she's ever met who spells her name the same way. 

Walking in the rain.  It rained pretty much the entire time we were in VA.

Walking and laughing.  It was a great trip!

Virginia: Part II

Stephen and I also met Shelby at her school one day.  We got to sit in on one of her classes, 6th grade English.  It was fun to watch Shelby teach!  She has  a really cute classroom.  There is a little bucket in the front of the room that kids can put little messages in for Shelby.  One of them said "You Rock Miss W.  P.S. your veary prety"  Maybe she needs to fucus more on spelling :-)   
In the hallway at Shel's school.
After school we went to this really fun restaurant called the Capital Ale House.  The have like a million beers on tap.

At the Capital Ale House with Shelby and Caleb :-)  

Virginia: Part I

Last week Stephen and I went to visit my sister, Shelby, in Virginia.  It was fun to get away while Stephen was temporarily unemployed.  

Here is Shelby and I at a restaurant called J. Brians.

We even got to see Drew!  Bless his heart...he drove through the crappy DC traffic to meet us for dinner.  Dinner was delicious and we enjoyed a lot of laughs!

The next morning Stephen and I went out for an early lunch where I enjoyed some tea and walked around Fredericksburg while Shelby was at work.

Stephen outside the Fredericksburg museum.  

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Handlebar Steve

As most of you know, the newspaper business isn't so good.
I'm mean think about it, how many of you subscribed to a newspaper?

As a result, I'm on furlough, a weeklong layoff. 
All people employed by Gannett, which is many, had to participate.

So, I'm officially on unemployment for a week's time.

Naturally, I decided to sport a mustache, shown above.

So far, I like it.