Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fun Fall Weekend

Stephen and I had a pretty fun filled weekend.  Here are some pictures.

Friday we went to see one of our all time favorite bands ever of all time...Wilco.  They were awesome!  Actually, they were better than awesome.  I'm really glad that we went because Stephen has been wanting to see them in concert since as long as I've known him.  The show was at the Hill Auditorium in Ann Arbor which is where my sisters graduation from the U of M school of ed was.
Here we are waiting for the show to start.

That's Wilco.  A horrible pic, but you can kind of make out Jeff Tweedy in the middle in the black pants.  Did I mention they were awesome?

Stephen enjoying some Sangria at a delicious cuban restaurant in Ann Arbor.  We had these delicious pork tacos as an appetizer that had carmelized onions and pineapple on them.  Yum!  I also had a really delicious margarita...one only to be rivaled by the ones served at Agave in Newburyport.  


On Saturday we went to the Michigan v. Delaware St. game.  I really did feel bad for Delaware St.  I mean, they essentially got paid $500,000 to show up and lose.  At least they were on time though.  When U of M paid Bill Clinton $500,000 to speak and my sister commencement he was 45 minutes late.  Classy.
The Big House.  This game set the record for lowest attendance ever.  Sad.  

My dad and I tailgating before the game.  It was actually really cold that morning.  Not the best tailgating weather, but we made the most of it.


Sunday was a beautiful day.  Stephen and I took a bike ride around my old neighborhood.  
A park that I used to play at a lot as a kid.

My parents house.

We play a lot of games at our house.  Rack-o is a family favorite, even if my dad almost always wins, and then brags about it.  Here is the champ shuffling the Rack-o deck.

We also checked out the Detroit Marathon.  It was really fun.  

Here is one of my best friends, Liz.  She was in our wedding.  Sorry this is so out of focus...I was running along next to her so we could chat for a second.  She ran the half marathon and her husband, Josh, ran the marathon.  They are awesome!  

On a weird side note, I know the person who won the Marathon, I went to high school with him.  And I know the guy who won the Half Marathon, his twin brother used to date my friend Heather.  What are the odds that out of 19,000 people I would know both of the winners.  Crazy.

Anyway, it was a fuuuun weekend.  

Wine Making

Last Christmas Stephen and I gave our parents gift certificates to have wine made at a local wine making place here in PH.  A few weekends ago our parents finally came down for the wine tasting and purchasing.  We got to taste about 15 different wines.  It was so much fun having someone explain to you the differences in the wine and why you might like some more than others.  

I still usually prefer dry whites, but there were two or three reds that I loooved too.

All the parents involved purchased some delicious wines which I can not wait to taste in the near future.  

Garbage Dweller

The other morning Stephen went to go throw away some trash and this guy started hissing at him.  He must have fallen off the porch into the empty trash can full of stinky rain water and garbage juice (GROSS.)  Stephen rescued the little guy by tipping the garbage can over.