Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Winter... Sort of

Has anyone else had difficulty getting motivated lately? The warm weather was great for my motivation. Now it's kinda cold again and I'm feeling lazy... again. But I'm trying to over come that by blogging.

It snowed only twice this winter where there was actually enough snow to shovel. Once was a Saturday morning. Leland and I stayed cozy inside watching Stephen do all the work from our living room window.

Leland waving to her dad.

This is our little neighborhood with a fresh inch or two of snow. I actually didn't really miss not having snow.

When we purchased our house this is how I envisioned life. Me inside making dinner and enjoying some wine while Leland plays outside with her dad until it's time to eat. I love it!

Gato Negro Chardonnay is my favorite. Meijer always has it on sale for $4 a bottle!

That is our new Ford Freestyle in the garage. Who knew driving a station wagon would be so fun. Whenever we drive somewhere now we say we're "freestylin' " Get it?

And this is what a typical dinner in our house looks like.