Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wanted: Christmas Cheer

I just can't seem to get in the Christmas spirit this year. It's probably because we aren't putting up a tree, and our belongings are slowly being packed away.

We made an offer on a house Sunday, September 25. Our offer was accepted that same day, and we're still not living in our new home! We closed on our hosue Nov. 18, which seemed to take forever to arrive because the seller was giving us a hard time about repairs he said he would fix, but then wanted us to take responsibility for at the last minute, which is another story entirely, and he asked for 30 days after closing to move out. He is paying us rent in the mean time, which is nice, I'll admit. But, when we talked to the seller at closing he admitted he had no idea WHERE he was moving or WHEN he'd be moving out. I mean, I knew he had thirty days, but I didn't think he'd take all thirty! It seems if you are selling your house you'd have some idea of where you were going to go. It's been very frustrating, because with his deadline to be out looming, he still has no idea when he'll be out. I'm so frustrated with this guy! Just get out of our house already!

Anyway, we're really excited to get in there and start working on it. We plan on tearing up carpet and having the floors finished before we even move in. And for the first time ever we are hiring movers! Hot dog! But I'm not getting my hopes of being in before Christmas, and I'm just trying to get over that fact that I probably won't have time to bake, or decorate. It stinks! Next year I'm going all out! Don't be offended if you don't get a Christmas card from us this year either. It's not that we don't love you, I just don't see us getting around to it. So, if you have any extra Christmas cheer, or a really organized elf that is good at packing, send it my way.

And now for a couple of Leland pictures.

Leland's preferred method of eating chicken noodle-o's.

Cuddle time with dad while she recovered from croup.


Lynne said...

oh congrats on your home! Boo that you guys aren't in it yet. It has been hard to get into the holiday cheer around here too...but somehow managed to get the tree up.
We are headed up to Michigan for Xmas if you guys are going to be around Farwell? We will be in Edmore the 23-25. Headed to Otsego the 26-29th. Sadly not stopped near Detroit since we have two crazy dogs that no one is likely able to lodge overnight so, we are driving staight from Gville to
U like how my comment turned into an email?

Hank and Mary said...

Merry Christmas Linsey.

Hank and I don't have our Christmas tree up either. We will probably put the tree up this coming weekend.

Our church is dressed up very beautifully, so that is fun to see.

You will be in the Christmas spirit once you see Leland get excited about all the decorations at your parents home. (and a present or two).

Carol and Dan said...

Oh, reading your post brought back some memories! Two years in a row we moved during Christmas! (Amya's first two years) I remember being so frustrated and thinking that year would be scraped...and then it happened again the next year! (moving to Hood River, then moving to White Salmon) If you are like me, next year WILL be all out! :) I think I went over-the-top for Amya's third Christmas to make-up for the first two! :) It will be worth it next year! (and you'll have a whole year to get ready for it!!) Merry Christmas! .......c.

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