Thursday, April 19, 2012

Just a few pics

Here are some recent pics in no particular oder.

Easter morning. Leland enjoyed her Easter egg hunt and a few goodies hidden in her room.

She loooves ritz crackers.

Looking for eggs. It's more of just an Easter egg gather when they are this small. :-)

So the night before Easter Leland was playing outside and fell right on her face. It doesn't really look that bad. It look much, much worse once it scabbed over. Anytime we went somewhere strangers would say to her , "Oh! Look at the boo boo on you little face!" Then Leland would point to her nose and make this little noise like poor me. She really knew how to milk the attention. What a goofball.

Getting a closer look at her eggs.

A little playful moment in her room.

A VERY RARE quiet moment on the couch where she actually let me put a blanket on her and she sat there for probably 10 minutes or so. Literally she never ever ever ever ever does that. EVER.

We also had to buy a new garage door and garage door opener. The joys of home ownership.

This is Leland having the run of the Henry Ford Museum. It's a great place. I'll post more about that later.

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