Monday, June 4, 2012

Garden Life

So Here is our backyard!  I've so been looking forward to having a yard and a garden.  We've still got lots to do before it's the way I want it, but gardening is a lot about trial and error and for my first year, I think it looks pretty good.  I'm keeping a little notebook of what worked and what didn't and I'm writing some ideas down for next year.  I'd love to have some raised beds on casters that I can move around the back patio area with lettuce and strawberries next year.  I'd also like to start a compost pile.  This is it for now though.  You should come join us for some margaritas and a bbq!  

So our garden adventure began when we removed aaalllllll of these rocks by had from our garden.  Six straight hours worth of work, but it had to be done, much to Stephen's dismay.
The only plant that was in the garden was a peony bush.  Just like the kind that were in my wedding bouquet.
This is the midway point.  After the rocks were removed, but before we planted anything.  I really do enjoy gardening.  I just love being outside.

This is a little container garden I have going with some veggies and herbs.  Some of it got frostbite, so we'll see how things turn out.
Here is a more complete picture of the backyard.  There use to be grass all along the right side of the fence which Stephen dug out for me so we cold plant more flowers.  Lots of the usual suspects for a Michigan garden.  hosta, lilies, hydrangea, butterfly bushes, a lilac bush, iris' and some dahlia's.  Stephen and Leland like to cloud watch. 


TAITx3 said...

Oh my goodness. I want to kiss that sweet girl like crazy.
Loving the garden. I can't wait to own a house someday and have my own yard. I am almost done with our porch. I did a potted herb garden and flowers. I think I 'll be done hopefully this weekend and post pic on the blog. I really need to update my blog. I've been neglecting it big time.
Can't wait to see more of your yard as the flowers blossom.

Hank and Mary said...

Love the pictures.

It was a lot of work, but oh so pretty. I love the side yard where you have plants now.

Cloud watching is so much fun. :)